Online stores

Online stores

The e-commerce industry has been growing rapidly in the last few years. Previous year, global e-commerce sales hit the $25 trillion mark. This year, the pandemic has made this number even bigger.
Customers appreciate the convenience and safety of buying online so if you want your sales to constantly grow, you should definitely tap into e-commerce.

Key reasons to start selling in your own online store:

  • You increase revenue – costs of running an online shop are much lower than running a regular shop. Moreover, online shoppers tend to spend more during one visit.
  • You build your brand – you control how your online store looks like and how customers get to experience it. You build trust with design and user experience.
  • You win loyal customers – you build a client database that you can use to lure customers back.
  • You collect customer data – online stores are a great place to get to know your customers and their needs.

We create online stores and improve the existing ones

We are a team of experienced professionals in the field of e-commerce. We offer tailor-made solutions so that your online store is perfectly adjusted to you and your business. We work with various platforms – Shopify, Shopware, BigCommerce, Woocommerce,  Shoplo etc. We know e-commerce inside out, so we know that the design and functionality of your online store can make or break your sales. Using our knowledge, experience and skills, we build online stores that attract visitors and keep them loyal. How do we build your online success?

  • We develop e-commerce websites from zero to hero. Our online stores are fully responsive.
  • We create valuable, SEO-friendly content to increase the number of leads.
  • We have UX in mind – we only use the latest technology and standards so the navigation is easy and intuitive. Things like e.g. payments are of utmost importance to us. Our e-commerce platforms are 100% secure.
  • We boost your sales – your online store is perfectly optimized for conversions.

Ready to get your online store rolling? We’ll help you constantly develop your business. Contact us for a free quote! We cannot wait to hear from you.