Google Ads

Google Ads campaigns

If you are looking for the most powerful advertising platform to derive new leads and increase sales, Google Ads is your place to start with. Google Ads campaigns are a great way to reach the right people at the right time – you address users exactly when they are searching for your product or service. What is a bit tricky about Google Ads is that they should be regularly optimized in order for them to generate revenue and deliver more customers. This is why they should be entrusted to professionals.

Why you should start advertising in Google

Nowadays, it’s one of the most frequently chosen forms of advertising on the Internet. Why?

  • The results, as well as the measurement, are quick.
  • The reach is extensive.
  • The ads are precisely targeted so the overall effect is at a high level. They are aimed only at genuinely interested users.
  • The ads perfectly compliment SEO.

Google Ads enable you to achieve constant, high-quality traffic that translates directly into profit. And the fee for campaigns is only calculated when your ad is clicked on.
Campaign results are easily and quickly reported – on a regular basis, you receive reports with basic campaign indicators: impressions, clicks, CPC, CTR and conversions.

What do we have to offer?

When it comes to Google campaigns, we offer comprehensive solutions, a complete suite of Google Ads services:

  • Search advertising – key phrase research, competitor analysis, campaign setup and ongoing management, testing and reporting.
  • Display advertising – presenting ads to different websites and blogs, building engagement and brand value.
  • Video ads on YouTube.
  • Google Shopping ads for online retail marketing businesses.
  • Remarketing – showing ads to users who have already visited your website earlier.
  • Keyword management.
  • Tracking, reporting and analysis – a meaningful insight into what’s happening with your campaigns.

Ready to get your Google Ads campaigns rolling? We’ll help you constantly develop your business. Contact us for a free quote! We cannot wait to hear from you.